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Name:Ava Wilson
Birthdate:Apr 23, 1984
Location:Cold Oak, South Dakota, United States of America
Wanna play "Two Truths and a Lie"? Okay, let me think:

My name is Buffy Summers.

I'm a totally normal girl.

And I've never killed anyone!

... Huh. You're right, that was three lies.

Usually I rock at games.

[ooc: Ava Wilson is a character from S2 of Supernatural and appears for use in the pretendy RP funtimes of me, [personal profile] ladysingsthe. Neither she nor actress Katharine Isabelle belong to me.

Also, she summons demons and is a lying liar who tells lies, so. Tread with caution? Contact me with questions!]

Interests (12):

actually having friends ugh, azazel aka yellow eyes, bela talbot, brady, cold oak south dakota, controlling demons, fyalrbucks, killing people, puppies jk no really, sam winchester, summoning demons, winning
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